CBX 1.5 Sneak Peek


This is the CBX 1.5 motion controller, it is ready and configured to connect all the basic components to run most CNC machines.
We like to call it The Brain because it runs all the logic that drives your motors, limit or homing switches, e-stop, relays and many other inputs and outputs required by many CNC machines.
In the front panel we can find an e-stop, power switch, DB25 remote pendant connector, external e-stop and probe connector.
In the back panel we have 110 to 220 AC power connector, VFD, vacuum, coolant, Ethernet PC connection, limit switches, extra output connection and connection for up to 5 axes.
Connecting the pendant, it’s just plug and play.
Same is the external e-stop.
Limit switches easy connect with a RJ45 connector, it allows you to connect mechanical and 6 to 30 VDC proximity limit switches.
Coolant connection is a 110 AC relay-controlled output you can use for coolant, mist or water-cooled spindles among others.
The vacuum connection, also a 110 AC relay-controlled, is very useful for woodworking routers and other CNC machines.
Connecting the motors is also very easy, with TTL signals via RJ45 connector you can connect your drivers with just a click. All you need is to connect your power supply to your driver and connect your motors.
It can easily handle a small motor as well as big motor by just swapping a cable.
Just need to add more power bigger driver and bigger motor.
Doesn’t matter if it is stepper, hybrid AC servo or DC servo, as far as the driver works with TTL signals you are good to go.